JUST PUBLISHED! "The Piero Affair...with side trips" by Pat Musick
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Dreaming of a trip to Tuscany? This is the book for you. 250 pages and over 200 breathtaking photographs tell a story of forty-five years of adventure.

Piero Book Cover

The Piero Affair…with side trips will unlock a door and you will enter an incredible world of
Tuscan adventure…ancient castles, glorious art, indescribable food and wine. You will
encounter small country churches, Etruscan and Roman ruins, abundant flowers, luminous
landscapes, and warm generous people.

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Open the front cover and meet Marta, Riccardo, Guido, Giulio, Roberto, Veronica as you travel
the Piero della Francesca Trail. Regardless of whether you are planning a trip or dreaming in
a big chair, this book will transport you to this special part of the world. When you close the
last page you will have made a journey that will be with you the rest of your life. Ciao!.

Piero Map

“Musick’s book is literally a visual cornucopia filled with much tasty Italian food for thought.”
—Samuel Y. Edgerton, Amos Lawrence Professor of Art History Emeritus, Williams College, MA.

Piero Pear Recipe

“The Piero Affair is a real love song for our great artist, in this journey of the soul.”

—Mariangela Betti, Director, Museo Civico Sansepolcro, Italy.

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SALE Price: $32.96 plus tax, handling and shipping